If you looking for quality product from knowledgeable, professional staff, Tegridy Farms Maine is the place to go!



Well I didn't realize it wasn't an actual dispensary but Chuck still served me great prices better product loved the cart and will be back for more

Theresa R.


I am definitely glad to have found the farm! I needed someone on MDI! Now I won't go anywhere else! His flower is absolute fire! With wide variety strains available, with all kinds of intriguing terpene profiles! Funky! Sour! Fruity! Earthy! And for the ppl who like to dab, I'm glad we have someone with hash oil thats not 75$ a gram! Diamonds and badder resonably prices so u can get more !! I got three grams for what two costs at the medical/ rec store in aw!
Do yourself a favor and don't go for the boring terpless, cardboard tasting garbage! I used to be in the business and I left because I the industry is packed w ppl who are more interested in making money than quality strains, and getting the quality flower into the hands of the ppl! Glad I met this guy, and I definitely will be back!

dom b.


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