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Purchase THCA extracts and other products in Mount Desert Island or Bass Harbor, ME

We sell more than just cannabis flower. Make Tegridy Farms Maine your go-to source for all things THC. From vape cartridges to THCA extracts, you can buy all kinds of cannabis products from us. You'll be impressed by our selection.

The best part? We deliver all of our products to Mount Desert Island, and Bass Harbor, ME area residents. First-time customers get their delivery fee waived, too.

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You can buy a variety of cannabis products from Tegridy Farms Maine. Our cannabis delivery shop has everything you need to take your high to the next level, including:

Vape cartridges and pens
Pre-rolled joints
THCA extracts
Diamond sauce

If you want to buy vape cartridges, THCA extracts or pre-rolled joints, get in touch with us today.